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Life, love, existentialism, bunnies and everything in between.

3 Good Things: Day 32
  • Nature. Being away from it makes me realise how much I need to focus on being immersed in it in my long-term future. The eternal question: how to combine a stimulating intellectual life with a life away from cities, pollution and general ignorance. I need to be brave enough to focus on writing.
  • Keeping going in the face of adversity. I’m so resilient it’s both sad and admirable. I want to take it easier right now. I want a huge hug and kisses on my head and to be held close. I deeply miss physical touch and love.
  • Having my own room in a quiet apartment for one more night. I’ll miss it on Wednesday night when I am in a smaller place with more people. I appreciate it now.
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Your Basic Human Rights
  1. The right to act in ways that promote your dignity and self-respect (as long as other’s rights are not violated in the process)

  2. The right to be treated with respect

  3. The right to say no and not feel guilty

  4. The right to experience and express your feelings

  5. The right to take time to slow down and think

  6. The right to change your mind

  7. The right to ask for what you want

  8. The right to do less than you are humanly capable of doing

  9. The right to ask for information

  10. The right to make mistakes

  11. The right to feel good about yourself

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3 Good things: Day 31
  • I think I have won in the war against the spiders outside my bedroom window.
  • I ran non-stop on my run this morning - well impressed with myself.
  • Love. Loving someone and accepting love. It strips you raw and exposes you to others and yourself. It can offer up life’s biggest challenges but also the deepest of human connections. I don’t want to run from it anymore.
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3 Good Things: Day 30
  • I am facing my fear of spiders head on. The weather is weird here this year and spiders are around way more than usual. I’ve been managing severe anxiety due to my personal circumstances whilst living with palm-sized spiders casually traversing across my bedroom floor and a nest and group of more outside my window. Go me! Ok well maybe not ‘living with’ more ‘surviving with’. My ninja reflexes are heightened and I’ve worked out that you can use squeezey washing up liquid bottles like water ‘flame-throwers’. I wake up at night thinking they’re crawling on me. I shall survive.This is war.
  • I talked to my boyfriend. It brings/brought me back to Earth a little. I have isolated myself a lot in the past year and don’t have a support system now so I’m thankful when I get to chat to someone who I love and who knows the real me.
  • I realise now that I push myself way harder than I should. I’m learning to respect the physical pains I feel in my body now. I used to ignore them and struggle on without telling anyone. Yes, the pains are real but they are being caused because I am scared to take it easy and I keep pushing myself to reach the standards I expect of myself. I’m frustrated. I want to ‘reach my potential’ despite my circumstances. I want to excel at everything and hide it behind a veneer of ditziness and smiles. I’m grateful my body is able to tell my that I am asking too much of it. I’m not quite sure the next step is but I am thankful my body has a way to force me to acknowledge that I am under too much stress.
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Anonymous asked: I'm sorry you're homesick, wherever or whenever home is. Sending good vibes. Someone is thinking of you today and hopes it gets easier.



I needed to hear that! :)


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Also the perfect ENFP vacation after a day surrounded by people.

Also the perfect ENFP vacation after a day surrounded by people.

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